Buzway Sheds Light on Vaping Myths

Despite the increased popularity of vaping, many myths still exist, and it is those myths that stop many who would love to enjoy the experience. Buzway is a top vaping company ready to shed some light on those myths so you don’t miss out on this phenomenal experience because of these lies. Are you ready to learn more about common vaping misconceptions?

Too Expensive

A common misconception about vaping is that it is too expensive. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You can pick from a variety of products from many brands, with prices on all ends of the spectrum to suit the needs of all vapers. Do a bit of comparison shopping, and find the very best vaping products at the best prices is simple.

E-Liquid is Dangerous

Who knows where this myth began, but what you should know is that it is not true. There’s been much research concerning e-liquid over the years, and all is well on the safety end. You can use it without worry as long as you are purchasing from a U.S. based, trustworthy provider.

E-Liquid Contains Antifreeze

This is one of the most far-fetched myths out there, but still one that is spread by many people, and believed by some, too. E-liquid is available in many awesome flavors and is a great experience to enjoy, but antifreeze is not one of those flavors. This is one of those occasions when you just blankly stare at the informant of these details.

E-Cigs are a Gateway to Tobacco

This is a myth that is untrue and in fact, just the opposite. Many people who want to kick the habit turn to e-cigs and vapes to help them do just that. There’s many success stories of such. Even for teens, e-cigs are not a gateway to tobacco use, but instead an amazing deterrent.


Vaping is Harmful to the Health

Tobacco is known to cause concern, lung problems breathing problems and a host of other detrimental effects to the health. Some people want you to believe that e-cigs pose the same dangers, but the truth is, they do not. The research conducted so far indicates they are safe for adults to use.

Vaping is Boring

This is a total myth! There are vaping bars, fan clubs, and more popping up around the country, and every day, new fans joining the list of happy vapes who are living life to the fullest. It is an out of this world experience and one that you will love to the fullest like so many other people before you!

Now that you’ve learned a few of the myths out there and the truth behind them, is vaping something that you want to do? It surely is because there’s quite an immense amount of enjoyment that you will experience. The truth can set you free and with these myths debunked, you are free to enjoy vaping like so many others!