To motivate the fact and get you to believe that this is all true, we thought we’d have our own fun. We want you to have fun too. Many of you aren’t because playing Pokemon has become so darn expensive these days. We’ll talk to you a little about your favorite nemesis, then we’ll tell you what it’s like to have things crystal clear, and then, finally, we’ll talk to you a little about what it means to have things free and easy.

And then you can all go right along and download your own pokemon crystal rom version for free. Now, you didn’t expect us to do the downloading for you too, now did you? Some things you just need to do for yourself. Just because its free, doesn’t mean it’s all play and no work for you. Oh, and what is it like to be so cool. Being cool means you’re having things your own way for a change. Even if you had all the Pokemon tools at your disposal and money wasn’t an option, getting the better of this little bunny is still a challenge. 

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As you well know by now, chasing Pokemon down every alley and through every nook and cranny is one of the hardest aspects of this globally popular game. It’s hard enough staying focused without being distracted in this interactive environment. Freely downloaded tools or not, there’s much you can do to help you keep your nerve. Check things out first. Get a good lay of the land and use your GPS to see if there’s a pokemon critter on the horizon. If not, then you’ve still got room to maneuver. If so, then you know you need to move your ass.

You need to have things crystal clear in order to haul in the Pokemon shapes and sounds. If you’re still learning, make sure you know and understand all the rules of the game. Just be warned though. This being one of the world’s most popular games, it is continuously evolving, so much so that if you take your eyes off of the ball, you could miss out on some challenging need to have clues and rules. Now guys, it’s time for you to get your free download tools together because we’re really tired over here. You have no idea just many blocks we’ve covered up to this time.

But we can leave you with this thought. It’s an encouraging one at that. Because without the free download tool, we’d all be in no man’s land. So, let’s just make things crystal clear for once and for all. It’s really cool to have things free and easy. You have free tools and free tutorials to use. Make sure you use them, otherwise what have these guys been doing all this time. Wasting their time. Don’t. Just download the damn thing and get a move on.